• Artist Bio

    Originally a designer and dress maker, I have maintained a visual arts practice for the past 20 years. I find that my work is informed by my design background, which leads it to having an illustrative and playful quality.

    For regular updates feel free to follow me on instagram @gabybrowett where I share recent and current work and news on upcoming exhibitions and projects!

  • Exhibitions

    -MoMA - MAMAC - ME, September 2022, Signal Arts Centre, Bray

    -RHA 192nd Annual Exhibition, May - July 2022
    - Convergence, May - August 2022,Walters and online at ArtNetdlr, curated by Jennifer Cunningham
    - Emergence, March - May 2022, Walters and online at ArtNetdlr, curated by Louise Neiland
    - Metamorphosis, February - April, Walters and online at ArtNetdlr, ArtNetdlr’s 2021 Biennale Collaborative Project 
    - Sculpture in Context, September 2021, National Botanic Gardens
    - Signal Open, 2020, Signal Arts Centre, Bray
    - Hinterland Collaborative Exhibtion, 2019, Eblana House, Dlr
    - International Art Exhibition, 2018 Metropolitan Pavillion, New York
    - Dublin Painting and Sketching Club Group Show, 2018, CHQ, Dublin
    - Culture Night Art Net Exhibition, 2017, Dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum, 
    curated by Aoife O’Toole, Dlr Mill Theatre Gallery, and Roisin Hogan, ArtNetdlr.
     - Dublin Painting and Sketching Club Group Show, 2017, Town Hall, Dlr
    - Embracing Our Differences, 2017, Sarasota Florida USA
    - Signal Open, 2016, Signal Arts Centre, Bray
    - Borders International Art Exhibition, 2016, Venice Art House Gallery, Venice, Italy
    - Oxygen Contemporary Video and Performing Arts Festival, 2016, Rome, curated by Arch. Luca Curci 
    - The Interaction Project, 2016, Eblana House, Dlr